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GS glad you came through unscathed. Prayer works. There have been a few interesting developments post Harvey in Houston. Seems the mayor has proposed a “temporary” 9% land tax increase to help cover damages. You can bet this will get ugly. I won’t comment because sensor buttons would break.


Another development in Rockport, TX which was gound zero for the Harvey landfall is that they are being largely forgotten. The state is helping but most of the nationwide donations have been focused on Houston. They are in desperate need of supplies. People are trying their best on social media to spread the word but they still need help. Those costal towns near the landfall were demolished. Aransas Pass, a barrier island just south of Rockport was reported as a 100% loss. I guess something to take note of is that if a large scale disaster strikes in your area and there is a major metropolitan city nearby your small town may well be overlooked or forgotten.

GS I got in touch with Free today and posted about it in the other thread.