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I hope we hear from Freedom soon and that he’s only the victim of power and cellular outages that cut him off from the outside world – or that he’s suddenly out making good money (both in the sense of adequate for his needs + helping others).

We had large scale power outages in our area early yesterday afternoon that continued well into today (haven’t checked the latest status), but we were only out a couple of brief times and got full power, internet, phone, and TV all back for the remainder of the day. We had the center of the storm come directly over us, and it was – in our immediate neighborhood – a rather non-event. Elsewhere nearby many were not as fortunate. Our winds were highest when we were getting the outer bands early yesterday, with gusts over 50mph and a lot of rain. But then the winds stayed under 30mph the entire rest of the day and evening. No trees down, not even any big limbs! City/county services are all closed (except for yard waste pickup which they’ve already started today), schools are closed, many businesses are closed – but that’s ALL due to much debris and apparently still a lot of power outages.

In other words, the less we learned was that sometimes we’re very, very fortunate. Most of the rest of this area was hit much harder – it was literally as if our street was protected somehow. Literally the only impact besides the very brief power outage and loss of connectivity (except for weak cell coverage for a while), was a few slightly turned-up shingles. I suspect the first sunny day will lay those back down and reseal them. We are blessed.

Can’t resist this: one more lesson learned (if we didnt’ already know not to talk to them) is to NEVER allow news media to interview you in a disaster. One local TV station reported multiple times about a house with a very large tree that came down both on the corner of the house and on their vehicles in the driveway. In every report they kept stressing that the family is fine, and that they’ve relocated to a safe place. Meanwhile, the image on the TV screen is a fully intact home except one front corner, and the stellar reporting by the talking idiot, notifying everyone of the home’s location and that it’s now uninhabited. I was surprised after the first report that the TV station didn’t just put a sign out front that said, “Welcome Looters!” Instead, they kept reporting it on subsequent broadcasts – location, photo, and uninhabited status. (There is a “less desirable” neighborhood within very quick walking distance of the home.)