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I can assure you first hand that the volume of non-conservatives in the military now (both officer and enlisted ranks) is nothing like it used to be. My confidence level in the military holding the line if a crisis develops in the nation is not high. That, combined with large scale apathy, and a massively under- and mis-educated general public leaves me with an insignificant amount of hope that things can be turned around. There are too many people programmed to believe the socialist line, and almost nobody truly knows history anymore. Arguing even in just a true debate sense – i.e. fairly and logically – is an entire waste of time. While few of them have ever read Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” they’ve all learned it almost since they learned language – it’s part of their normal thinking processes.

So without a strong (i.e. military) force to keep things under control in the face of mounting chaos, and a people reading and willing to receive the truth, we can be all as dedicated and even willing to lay down our lives as we want – the depth behind us simply is not sufficient. Benjammin’s title of this thread is spot on. Just my 2¢….