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At least on my feed, I’m not seeing anything from him since late Saturday night/Sunday morning. I was presuming he’d lost any internet connection (cable, cell phone, whatever). I hope you’re seeing a later update that says he’s still hanging in there OK. If not, he’s likely got all he can handle with cleanup work anyway. (But I’m hoping I’m not missing some posts on my feed. All I see is his post from 2am yesterday, and your two posts since then – nothing else on any topic, let along this one.

By the way – keep an eye out for that forgotten Hurricane Jose that was on the heels of Irma, but was supposed to turn north, head back out into the Atlantic, and just dissipate. No such luck. We could potentially be looking at a 1-2 punch now. It’s in the middle of a full 360° turn back down into warmer water, and forecast to head straight back east again according to two of the models, and the other three have it heading up the coast further. Too early to tell, but definitely not what they expected.