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Spot on, Inshala, with a little humor thrown in to make an unacceptable situation at least a bit humorous to watch.

Few people are aware of the PRISM program, and how data is fed to No Such Agency from Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, Skype, YouTube, etc., etc., etc. Snowden dumped the slide presentation partially visible on the first web site below (which has more background data), as well as the more complete slide package in the 2nd link. Anybody have their phone service through their cable company (and thus using VOIP)? Yep – you’re contributing voice data as well – all stored.



The Utah Data Center loves all of us. Actually drove by and had a chance to see it once first hand (sprawled out in the background beneath the hills). It’s immediately west of I-15 about 30-45 minutes south of Salt Lake City. I’m told it’s sucking water and electricity out of an area that has little spare capacity of either much of the time (another reason not to live in a desert-type environment).