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Freedom, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers, and will be all night. We won’t experience anything like what you all will have down there, though it’s now forecast to go right over the top of us. I’m also concerned about an aunt who was recently moved to an assisted living facility east of Tampa, and the had originally decided to shelter in place. Now they’ve moved their residents to a sister facility directly east on the other coast. I don’t see the wisdom in that, really, since they’ll now most definitely be on the east side of the storm. Storm surge may not be as bad, but they’ll have the winds AND the tornadoes. I cannot imagine what you all must be feeling right now, but just know there are those of us here in the forum that are pulling for you all. We look forward to you checking in on the back side of it all, hopefully Monday, if or after you lose power completely. I expect they’ll be shutting down Turkey Point if they haven’t already done so (?).

Best wishes.