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They’re just the useful idiots – the expendable people out front that are being used. I find too much evidence of a much more organized bunch behind them, and we simply aren’t seeing that on the 24/7 so-called “news” programs. But what we do still see is policy change coming because of these malcontent idiots – university policies, state policies, corporate policies. They don’t have to kill people or die for their cause – they’re getting results. And incremental results are still powerful over time. Look where we are now compared to when it was “only” the hippies and a few malcontents in Chicago in the 60s. Compare corporate, government, and university policies then and now, and the differences are massive, even as liberal as SOME universities were back then. Where my wife graduated, they were largely insulated from the tumult of the 60s – she was only vaguely aware of what was going on outside the conservative South at the time, and they didn’t feel a part of it. Now that state university is awash in things I wouldn’t send my kids to if I still had college age children at home. It’s called boiling frogs…. And that movement is very content to keep it as a multi-generational struggle. What was shocking in the 60s is commonplace now, and we just shake our heads. Those under about 55 simply don’t have the experience, and even some older than that were insulated enough from it then that they don’t understand what’s going on now.

To dismiss Antifa as just a bunch of punk malcontents is short sighted.