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Hmmmmm…. Check the privacy statement/permissions closely on what types of information you’re giving away. And who’s “sponsoring” this app, too? Who’s behind them, and what was the motivation to create it? It’s “free,” so how are they paying for it (i.e. what data are they selling in order to keep their own paychecks coming, and development costs covered)?

What? Me paranoid?

(Sorry, but after getting nailed in the FedGov hack a few years back, then the Blue Cross hack, and now probably every one of us in the Equifax hack just announced yesterday, but which took place as early as this past spring, I don’t trust much of any of that stuff. I’m admittedly antsy about even using this site, since Selco and company haven’t chosen to even make it a secure web site (https://). My security software doesn’t like that at all. Heck, we just got an unknown caller using a fake phone number that was the same first 6 digits as ours, but then my wife’s SSN last-4 as the end of the phone number. NOT comfortable.)