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Sportsman’s Guide is a hit or miss company for me; however, since there are no more ma and pa “Army-Navy” military surplus stores around me anymore, I’m not left with much of an option. I have no problem sending stuff back that’s garbage. Usually when I tell them that they sent me a defective product they pay the return fee. It’s only if I order a wrong size or something to that effect, that I have to pay return shipping.
I know what you mean about the vinyl taste and smell. I remembered getting issued gear at CIS at Bragg and it smelling terrible. Canteens usually smelled like mold and tasted the same way when filled. Ponchos usually smelled like Rottweiler feces.
As much as I would like to try out one of these five quart bladders, at $22.00 a pop plus S&H (I usually wait until they offer free shipping), it’s just a little too pricey for me now…especially since gas prices went up like fifty cents a gallon this week.

"If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die historic on the Fury Road."