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Well Free it looks like you will certainly have job security in the coming months. We are praying for you and my family and friends that live in Florida. GS I have been gone a long time. To be honest the reason I came back on now was to see if Free was still around and to wish him the best. I’m sure the reasons for leaving will vary from person to person but there is only so much survival information one can digest or discuss. Before I left I noticed that it seemed we were running out of things to say except about current events and politics. There are only so many ways to build a fire, make a shelter, checklists to make, routes to plan and gadgets to acquire. There is a treasure trove of info in these forums and on the site. The volume is staggering. Just look in the archives. Where this may no longer be a chatroom like it was before, we have amassed views and techniques from all walks of life in every different kind of environment both social and ecological, that will serve whoever wants the knowledge well. It is a library of survival and we all built it. The other thing is that spending time here takes away from other areas in life. I got very busy with work and family and they come first. I learned a lot here and I feel much safer and well informed than I did before I got here. This is still a great rally point to check on people and localized current events. The nation wide disasters are a great barometer for the state of our country and foretelling possible future economic trends due to insurance claims or forfeiture of mortgage loans. It is a great place to sound off if you see odd behavior in your region that everyone might want to keep an eye on. A good example was the comment you made about gun confiscation in a US territory in preparation for the hurricane in another thread. I mean they just disarmed a whole island and nobody put up a fight because they were more concerned with surviving and preparing for the storm. All I’m saying is that this forum has evolved. It isn’t dead it has just changed function.