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[DARN! Another post deleted just because I edited it shortly after posting it. This is getting old…. One more try.]

Thanks for the concern, LT. The BEST case scenario still has Irma at a Category 1 well after it gets into south Georgia. We remember Opal from 22 years ago all too well. Opal did considerable damage even well north of here in Atlanta (this is from that storm):


I just checked Google Maps’ traffic option, and traffic all the way from south FL to up past Atlanta (north Georgia) on I-75 is already very heavily congested, and it’s only going to get worse through the weekend. Plus, I see that I-95 coming out of Savannah (now under a mandatory evacuation order) is almost dead stopped in places. Unfortunately, I have to brave BOTH rush hours tomorrow in Atlanta, and am not looking forward to it. Hopefully I’ll be going up early enough to miss many of the travelers, but it isn’t looking good. Getting back out in the afternoon will be awful I suspect, as normal rush hour begins on Friday afternoons up there around 2:00. But once we’re south of Atlanta heading home, we’ll be watching the incoming traffic on the other side and should be good. Then we’ll see what happens.

If that’s the most of my worries, I’ll be blessed. We’ve got relatives in central FL that elected not to come up this way, and we worry about everyone south of the GA line, at minimum, especially south Florida. Everyone needs to keep Freedom and that area in their prayers and send good “vibes” that way.