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By the way, Freedom (and others). There’s an app (Gas Buddy) for phones (also available on line for computers) that shows current prices for gas stations in a specific area. It currently shows where stations are out of gas or out of power, as well. I just got curious, and checked Miami: There are still stations with gas, as of 1-2 hours ago (latest reports), ranging from $2.55 at Costo on W. Flagler St. near 82nd Ave., up in to the $2.60s and above in various areas. As for Houston, there are MANY marked with no gas and/or no power icons, but there are still stations with gas as low as $2.06 and $2.08 in the Houston area as of an hour or two ago. Great little app to have on your phone for travel as well as emergency situations. You can subscribe and save on gas at certain stations, but there is no requirement to subscribe or give any personal information to simply download the app and use the basic price and availability functions, or to use it on the computer. ( http://www.gasbuddy.com )