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Freedom just put the exclamation point on MountainBiker’s post. Wow. And this is America!!!

Some of us were talking about preparedness in church Sunday, and one person made the comment that they’d been involved a number of military moves over the years. She’s gotten some odd comments by many of the movers, though a few of them suddenly saw the light and began making plans for their own families. But one person said the couple was “selfish,” keeping all that food and water for themselves. What about everybody else? Another moving man said they were “nuts,” and finished by saying, “You’ll also need a gun, because your neighbors are going to try to take it from you.”

For all the well-off facade seems to portray about America, which is what most of our fellow citizens believe, we’re in horrendously poor shape as a nation to cope with multiple disasters, or a very widespread one. Earthquake swarms are continuing in eastern Idaho, and right next door as of yesterday, “Yellowstone is now the site of the largest earthquake swarm ever recorded with 2,357 quakes registered since June. The national park, regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world, sits atop a supervolcano that is recharging for eruption.” Lil Kim only needs to lob ONE reasonably decent sized EMP weapon over the US. And who knows what will happen with Irma bearing down, another one behind it, and another one forming in the Gulf of Mexico at the moment? Or how about a widespread, major series of terrorist attacks across the country, with a state of national emergency being declared, with all kinds of restrictions “for our safety?” The “what-ifs” could go on forever, but as we’re seeing with Harvey and Irma, at some point these things happen. We’re not healthy….

Best wishes and prayers, Freedom – especially for your mom and dad.