Ha, the US ain’t some tin pot banana republic, where the .MIL does the policing.
These are private citizens and a confiscation order would cause a national case of blue flu at best.
Worst case? The piles of badges I know would be laying there. Why worse? What happens when 800,000 cops don’t show up for work? Not the anarchists wet dream, but reality.
Like cops or not, what happens when the cops stay home?
Are the criminals going to stay home?
Do you think that the EMTs and firefighters are going to roll out without LE? In parts of the country they are already getting shot at.
What happens when these guys don’t show either?

There’s your easy path to that martial law thing everyone is paranoid about. Confiscation for “the public good”, suspension of civil rights, with nothing between you and the .MIL thugs.

Melodramatic? Think about it for real and get back to me.
To quote a gangbanger, ” it’s F-in Christmas time”.

The powers that be should know this, but then we also have legislators like SJ Lee and M Waters so it could get very interesting very quickly.

At that point, I feel that much of their constituents would cease to be voting ever again. No great loss.

As I recall, the USVI still doesn’t have a constitution. The last convention was @2010.

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