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I’ve been disappointed by Sportsman’s Guide in the past couple of years, and have learned not to expect quality. They’ve been pretty good about replacement or reimbursement with only some minimal shipping loss to me, but my experience has gone downhill with them more recently. I haven’t purchased there probably in a couple of years.

I’d be very cautious with anything with a vinyl bladder, if that’s indeed the type of plastic inside this equipment. It deteriorates over time. And I suppose that if all I could have for potable water was this, I’d be grateful for it. But otherwise, I certainly wouldn’t want to drink water that had been left in it for any length of time, and I’d want to rinse and air it out well before filling it for short-term future use. Vinyl deteriorates – any time you can open a plastic container and smell that tell-tale “plastic-y” smell, that means it’s off-gassing (deteriorating). And that stuff simply ain’t good for bodies, if there is a better alternative available. Anything that’s a couple decades old or more is much more likely to be vinyl.

If you do get one, pressure-check it WELL, almost immediately, so you can return it. I’d expect it would have a relatively high likelihood of leakage. Fill it, sit on it with at least some pressure, and see if the seams are tight and will hold up. If it’s intact and the smell isn’t too strong, it’s probably a great find.