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We’ve been very fortunate here in our area – too much rain for a few weeks almost non-stop, but overall not bad. I’m not even sure it officially hit 100° this year, though 99° certainly was probable, and our home thermometers both showed just barely over 100° once or twice – still not too bad for an entire summer here. We’ve only gotten down to the very high 60°s a night or two so far. So, I’m hopeful that we can still get in a decent fall garden now that the spring/summer veggies have all seen their last days. Best crop we’ve ever had – ever, anywhere.

The wild card for us now is Irma. If the current forecast holds, though we won’t get what Florida will get, it could be exceptionally bad here if Irma comes up the west coast of Florida and hits the panhandle. It’s been years since a major hurricane came up through that area and got us (still quite a bit inland from the Gulf). But this storm is getting scary – 180 mph winds and hurricane force winds wider than the entire Florida peninsula. If that spares most of Florida and heads up into GA/AL, we’re in serious trouble. Toilet paper? √ Water? √ Protection? √ Food? √ But also hordes of ****-cockroachus now populating the area since Katrina (came and never left – better “pickin’s” here than goin’ back to Nawlens). Could get interesting. Flood insurance? Uh…. not in a flood zone (that’s what most of Houstonians thought, so ….).

So, we’ll all (hopefully) check back in a week and see what else has been dealt to a nation that refuses to wake up and fly right….

Brulen and Inshala, my heart goes out to you. I finished high school and college in NY, went into the military, and never looked back. I had a friend in college that went into the Air Force and promptly changed his residence to where he was stationed. He filed his final income tax form with NY, and made the check payable to “Rocky’s Welfare State” (which tells you how long ago THAT was!). They cashed it without comment. I LOVE parts of NY, especially the Finger Lakes region, and even some of the outskirts of Buffalo. But there is nothing – not a single thing – that could ever induce me to move back there. As I said, my heart goes out to the two of you – I understand!