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I’ve not even checked in the past few days, after being “trained” that there’s not likely to be anything here anyway. Personally, I find it sad. We had so many good, decent folks from all over the world that just aren’t here anymore – it’s the same 5-6 people, and even the frequency of those 5-6 has decreased substantially. One or two previously tried to blame it on too much focus on U.S. political issues, but that doesn’t wash for me – the Africa threads dried up anyway, and we’ve lost (apparently) at least two good folks from there for unknown reasons. We used to get good updates from our Greek member, but he’s not even answering my private emails, after saying he’d had some health issues. We had threads that had nothing to do with U.S. politics that died on their own. So for whatever reason, apparently people’s interests have changed, or circumstances in some of the more troubled areas of the world beyond the U.S. have made it impossible or impractical to participate, or whatever. Heck – I don’t even see any activity in quite some time from Selco or Toby here in the Forum.

Freedom, I’m really glad for you, employment wise. You’ll be in my prayers, though. I see that the latest Irma forecast is for it to come right up through Florida – it seems now to be mostly a question of which side or up the middle. And it’s already a Cat-5 and the strongest ever in the Atlantic, outside of the Caribbean or Gulf. Looks really serious! Current hurricane force winds extend wider than the entire Florida peninsula, so if it comes up the middle, there would be serious danger from one coast to the other. (Personally, we’re concerned because if it heads up the west coast of Florida, we’re in serious trouble where I live unless strength diminishes considerably by this weekend.) In any case, prayers for Florida and the Southeast, as well as the nation.

One other thought – does anyone know how to get emails notifying of brand new threads? I can only get emails for existing threads for which I’ve requested follow-up replies. Thus, after not checking for 3-4 days, I didn’t know we had at least three new, active threads here – only that there was zero activity on any of the existing threads. That might help activity if we could be notified when a new thread is created.