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Thank you for the review on the military five quart collapsible canteen. In my twenty years in the Army I was never issued one of these nor came across one other than in a military surplus shop. A friend of mine gave me one that was a complete piece of junk which leaked all over the place. I’m not saying that’s indicative of all of them as I was unsure as to whether it was already used when I received it. I believe that this was the predecessor to the “Camelbak” which has been copied by Blackhawk! and various government contractors with varying quality.
If anything, when empty, the five quart bladder is small and light enough to stow away in your pack for future use. I think it would be most practical in transporting water from a source back to your camp where you can properly treat it and use your Camelbak as your primary source of hydration.
Currently, as of the date and time of this post, the Sportsman’s Guide has them on clearance:


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