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Well inshala and MB…..Since the eclipse summer just seems to have stopped. The night temps went down with a bang to low forties and below. The heating season has begun. And a cold rain fell…. Our county in Ny has an unfunded medicaid mandate around its neck. To pay the taxes and farm/work here you might as well be a slave. Everytime i eventhink about owning more land or building another house my feet balls freeze. We are not retired but under this system we’ll be working boobs the rest of our lives. Truely here its possible to become poor very quickly and nearly impossible to make large increases in income. They should erect a statue of Marx in Albany and a statue of RELee in Manhatten next to the bull. Short description of York. Sanctuary state with a free tuition problem for underfunded snowflakes. Tell us what you make, we’ll charge what you can afford. Gas up 23 cents in two days since Houston. $3.17 for ethanol free premium 91. Just another 33 cents and it won’t be worth starting the car to go to work. $3.50 a gal. Bad news about refineries and the colonial pipeline. A very expensive rebuild needed. The trail of broken insurance companies is going to be awesome. President Trump will be able to go to congress & liberal republican swine and demand the wall. Kick out the Daca babies and Paul Ryan. Then there will be action. Irma goes to wash yes. Then demo antifa gets flushed. One can hope.

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