How many normal folks there “obeying” laws

Most white people obeyed when we had to re-apply for licenses. I do not know if people keep to the 4 boxes of 50 rounds. I do not think people would easily keep stockpiles of ammunition. I practice with reloads that cheaper than new rounds and I can buy it at the shooting range. Better to safe money.
The Government has got a list of registered gun owners. They do not have a list of all the people living inside South Africa. Most of those people fingerprints are not in the system. They can do armed robberies without wearing gloves and do not even bother to cover their faces most of the time.
I do know that most people do not know about the new dangerous weapons act. It is against the law to have a plastic look alike toy pistol. http://www.sabreakingnews.co.za/2014/01/21/sa-ushers-in-new-dangerous-weapons-act/ I do understand that they are trying to disarm the people rioting, but at the same time they are taking away everybody’s means to defend themselves. It is in their nature for old black people to travel with a knop kierie (walking stick)
Someone somewhere in the world decided it would be a good idea to make South Africa as “safe” as possible.