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No cash = track every transaction.

Microchip implant at work = track every movement in/out/around the building, including bathroom breaks, other breaks, social visits with other employees, whatever the boss’s brain can conceive. And the gummint can use that data for any investigation of the company’s employee, for whatever purpose. Yet company employees are enthusiastically lining up to get ‘em!


Got a Roomba vacuum cleaner that automatically vacuums your house? Did you ever stop to think about the fact that it creates maps of the rooms and where all furniture and other objects are placed, saves those maps, and goes back out the next day or so to even more efficiently cover the entire house? Apple developed that mapping software and the control interface for the device. Now they’re apparently going to be selling maps of your house to Google, Amazon, whoever….


Israel just agreed to remove metal detectors from around the Al Aqsa Mosque compound (which is holy ground for Muslims, Jews, and Christians). “Israel’s security Cabinet said it would replace the metal detectors with ‘advanced technologies,’ reportedly cameras that can detect hidden objects like weapons and explosives,” but they say no one needs to worry – there’s no threat to personal privacy there. “Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld … said ‘Israel Police does not use any type of camera that harms privacy in any way and has no intention of using such cameras in the future.’ ” Well, thank you Micky for that reassurance.


Got a SMART TV? (Vizio, Samsung – doesn’t matter….) A WikiLeaks dump just 4 months ago, “revealed that Samsung smart TV owners are particularly vulnerable to spying. Newly published documents detail a program called ‘Weeping Angel,’ an attack designed by the CIA and United Kingdom’s MI5/BTSS that makes Samsung smart TVs look like they’re turned off when, in fact, they’re not.” Weeping Angel?!? I’ll bet they are! But never fear – former CIA director Michael Hayden said, “These tools would not be used against an American.” (I’ll sleep better tonight, knowing that.) They’ve got microphones to transmit and record everything said in the room (or beyond?), some have cameras. And when they’re off, they’re not really. Really.


NEST devices, SMART appliances, security system? Personal fitness device(s)? We’re being surveilled 24/7 if we’ve got any of ‘em.

But what if there isn’t audio or video? Just last month a Connecticut man was charged with murdering his wife based partially on data found on her fitness tracker.

Authorities say Connie Dabate’s fitbit showed her moving around her house after her husband Richard told police a masked man shot and killed her.


“Hello, Alexa.” You get the picture …. (Pun intended.) And so do they.