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I recall reading occasionally, that by virtue of the number laws passed on all sorts of subjects, that so many common actions and activities have been made illegal by some law or other, that the average American, usually unwittingly, “breaks” on average, about three laws a day, simply by going about his/her normal daily routine. Criminalizing ordinary behavior is the shortest route to making life itself a crime, and you, therefore, an enemy of the State.

Technically, as a Constitutional Republic, we’re not a Socialist Paradise … yet. But socialism is as socialism does, and this (becoming) socialist nation is (becoming) broke like every other, just refusing to acknowledge it … yet. Watch for the day when every possible encounter with a “Law Enforcement Officer,” even, “Good morning, Officer Fiendly,” automatically becomes a sidewalk strip search for any item of value — cash, coinage, jewelry, … half a PB’nJ — anything … as it already is in parts of the world where the brokenness can no longer be denied by anyone wishing to be regarded sane. Watch where (and how) you walk/drive. If your municipal government doesn’t yet formally recognize you as a prey animal, the fedgov already does, and your local PD will soon conclude it needs to, if it doesn’t already.

Cry, "Treason!"

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