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[Well, yet another famous disappearing post from the SHTF Forum. Here goes another try, but it will probably say I’ve already posted it even though they’ve deleted it and there’s no reference to it on the right side column.]
OnStar is obvious. But I’d never really considered SiriusXM before, since we haven’t subscribed to that since shortly after trying it out when both of our vehicles were new. I guess my paranoia level hasn’t been set high enough – gotta do something about that ASAP! ;-)

You know then about Onstar and Sirius xm.

Heh heh. Yep – if anyone didn’t know about it, check this 2014 request for a tracking warrant using a vehicle’s SiriusXM radio:

… to assist agents of the FBI by providing all information, facilities and technical assistance needed to ascertain the physical location of a gray 2013 Toyota 4-Runner bearing VIN JTEBU5JR8D5148196 (the Target Vehicle), including but not limited to data indicating the specific latitude and longitude of (or other precise location information) concerning the Target Vehicle (the “Requested Information”), for a period of ten (10) days. … this Affidavit is being submitted for the limited pufpose of establishing probable cause… .

Did you catch that? They don’t already have probable cause – they wanted to TRACK the vehicle in order to establish probable cause.

What I need to find out now is whether they can track even if SiriusXM isn’t even an active subscription – i.e. simply because the person has an antenna installed and CONNECTED to his/her radio (like EVERY new vehicle in the nation does, anymore). Anybody know for sure? I never thought about this, since we long ago stopped paying for that service.

And if you actually use the service (we don’t), they also track which channels you use, how often you turn it off and on, make channel changes, etc., etc., etc. See their OWN privacy statement (page 6, especially). [“We may also log your activities through an enabled receiver.” etc.]


To paraphrase a well known poem, “How do you track me? Let me count the ways….”