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This is all part of the move to create a totally cashless system – where EVERY transaction, of any sort, is trackable.

Want to keep a stash of cash just for emergency when Big Banking’s system goes down and your credit card won’t work? (That briefly happened a number of years ago due to a major solar storm that played havoc with the communications satellites – rendering credit card transactions impossible for part of a day. We experienced it in a K-Mart.) In other words, you just want to protect against a real possibility and have an alternate means of paying for groceries? Sorry. One of these days, we’re going to be told that there is an “amnesty date” before which we can turn in our cash for an electronic deposit into our electronic bank accounts – no questions asked (as long as it’s still under the magic $10,000). Any possession of cash thereafter will be viewed as illegal activity, because it will no longer be legal tender for ANY debts, public or private, despite what it says on the bills.

Some countries have virtually done away with cash transactions already. It’s all done by electronic funds transfer or credit cards – which are then paid by an electronic transfer of the “money” in your bank account to the credit card company’s account. Simple!

Want to also keep some gold or silver coins around, just in case of whatever? Same thing – NOT legal for debts public and private after AmnestyDay. Got a few hundred pre-64 silver quarters sitting around in rolls? Illegal after AmnestyDay unless you happen to want to create an “old money” museum for people to gawk at them. Use ‘em in any transaction? Illegal.

Yep! Welcome to total control. All the cameras are already here, they are tracking our license plates with automatic license plate readers, but they just need to get rid of that pesky “off the books” cash money. This little 4-minute video is the icing on the cake:

Believe the resolution they claim in the above video at your own peril, by the way. DoD was already at “basketball size” resolution from space at least 48 years ago – I know that for fact. EVERYthing is being monitored. Ever watch the old TV series “Person of Interest?” If not, it’s worth watching at least for one episode even if you don’t otherwise enjoy it. It’s presented as science fiction. It’s not. Note “Missy” Cummings’ statement at the very end of the above video. Should be chilling. This money thing is all part of the same plan.