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WB & GS, I think Trump is the main reason we haven’t seen “right-wingers finally go off.” Not that he’s the ideal to many who want the Constitution honored and enforced, but he’s at the very least, a reprieve from the forced march into Socialist Hell that we would clearly have suffered under the Hildabeast, and to his credit, a president who proclaims pride in his nation, and optimism about its future, as opposed to the open displays of shame, apology, and promises to run it further into the ground of global mediocracy, from the previous occasional occupant of the Executive Mansion. So most “right-wingers” are, for the time being, sufficiently on the ascendancy to be able to hold fire out of a somewhat tenuous optimism, while the Left is in despair, their less stable troops feeling desperate, while being hyped to “do more.”

Generally, the political Right grows out of thought and reflection on how the world and the people in it ought to be, and to act, while the political Left has always been about getting what one wants, immediately, irrespective of the rights of others, which often impels its adherents to act impulsively out of greed and fear. Komrade diBlahBlah is the current “hero-in-process” of that side, Ms. Pantsuit having become a little stale to screech her way back to center stage. Doesn’t mean the Right won’t shoot back, but for the moment, most of them (us?) don’t need to … yet.

Cry, "Treason!"