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WB, I fully understand. Having been in contact with you for these many years (a year or so here, and many before that in the other place), I fully recognized the “tempering” – and appreciate it greatly (and what it must take to accomplish that at times!). ‘Nuf sed. there.

I don’t think I even want to KNOW if he even attempts to attend the funeral. My thoughts about what I wish would happen are best kept within the confines of my id. But I guess now days even people’s thoughts are prosecutable, so my id would be deemed worthy of same, and I guess that means I’d have to go with it to the slammer – or worse. Since they stopped doing frontal lobotomies years ago, and we don’t know where the id is located anyway, I guess they wouldn’t just extract it out of my head and send it away…. LOL

With that said, I’m actually quite surprised, especially with all the violence on the “left” (whatever that means anymore), that we haven’t seen some right-wingers finally go off – especially with all the vets that Miz Janet once warned us about after attacking Waco. But I will not be surprised when we finally see those on the “right” (whatever that also means anymore) finally have enough buttons pushed that their ids explode into action.

Stay cool, protect your family, and enjoy being out of either of the two coasts. And enjoy what you enjoy to the fullest!