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Glenn Greenwald and “The Intercept” could never be accused of being in the Trump camp. But I’ve come to appreciate him and his site recently – there are sometimes absolute gems of reality there. Here’s a quote from a recent article that raised my eyebrows, but only to further allow me to appreciate the site despite some of the other material often found there. The article blasts the media for the massively and pervasive anti-Trump theme. In a related article, Greenwald takes apart Rachel Madcow for her most recent “revelation” / 20 minute rant about a fake document anonymously given to her. But for now, here’s Greenwald’s take on the media in general as it relates to Trump:

What is most notable about these episodes is that they all go in the same direction: hyping and exaggerating the threat posed by the Kremlin. All media outlets will make mistakes; that is to be expected. But when all of the “mistakes” are devoted to the same rhetorical theme, and when they all end up advancing the same narrative goal, it seems clear that they are not the byproduct of mere garden-variety journalistic mistakes.

There are great benefits to be reaped by publishing alarmist claims about the Russian Threat and Trump’s connection to it. Stories that depict the Kremlin and Putin as villains and grave menaces are the ones that go most viral, produce the most traffic, generate the most professional benefits such as TV offers, along with online praise and commercial profit for those who disseminate them. That’s why blatantly inane anti-Trump conspiracists and Russia conspiracies now command such a large audience: because there is a voracious appetite among anti-Trump internet and cable news viewers for stories, no matter how false, that they want to believe are true (and, conversely, expressing any skepticism about such stories results in widespread accusations that one is a Kremlin sympathizer or outright agent).

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