Thank you , your right , I need to pile more on , I have a strobe coming for the AK , have a buddy that was in the military and ex Deputy , before he said the hell with both, and now is an air-conditioning repair man with no worries . Anyway , he took his tiny strobe off his gun and hit me with it in broad daylight , I was seeing bouncing white and yellow spots for the next 2 min. ….no way I could fight . So thats when I decided I needed one . More ammo now also that the Tailless monkey in the white house is trying to look like a human to the Russians .

Also right about the perfect weapon ….it does not exist . I have a Mosin , but more for fun than anything serious ( although , you could very well hunt with it ) , I think that the Russians using it as a sniper rifle was more because they didn’t have anything better on hand at the time WW2 started , than its actual ability in that role . But they were very affective with it .