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But back to NK – we’re now pretty much over a barrel. Whether they can get a nuke to Japan, Alaska, or D.C. quite yet, somebody’s clearly supplying and supporting them. It’s just a matter of time.

My tentative solution? Do some back channel talking with China, let them know that if they “annex” NK just like the Ruskies did with Crimea, we won’t oppose it, and will subsequently sign a full peace accord to end the Korean War, as long as it contained specific and detailed provisions to which the ChiComms fully agree: South Korea will be a wholly separate and sovereign nation (unlike Taiwan which to this day remains U.S. territory – LONG, fascinating truth!), and that China will NEVER cross the new border (which replaces the DMZ) or otherwise attack SK. Simultaneously we pull out the vast majority of our troops from SK so as not to even appear to be a threat to China.

Foolhardy, even absurd? Find a better solution…. Let NK stay as they are and they have a gun to our heads via the massive conventional weaponry aimed at Seoul. They could kill hundreds of thousands, if not a million or more, in minutes – and we know it, and they know we know it. As long as Kim & Company run NK, we’re always under that gun. We are essentially stopped from any military action against NK. The “status quo” does not exist – it has been moving ever forward for nearly 70 years. Let China have it, we bring most of our troops home, and we’ve at least de-escalated the peninusula for a long time to come. Plus, we rid ourselves of a major burden, militarily and therefore financially. As I said – find a better solution. I’d welcome one.