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The deep state of foreign intrigue may be more hostile than the media.

Until “we” (not just this group, but all like-minded people) realize and then begin to recognize that it is not separate entities (foreign enemies, Democrats, Republicans, Wall Street, media, etc.), we will never understand. And if we don’t understand, we have no chance of overcoming.

I cautiously use the term “Deep State” because it both better characterizes the fact that there is far more going on beneath the visible surface of national and international politics, and at the same time minimizes the extent of it with such a simple, non-specific term. But I don’t have a better replacement that I’m willing to share, except for what it is: fundamental evil. But too many people find that term off-putting, so “Deep State” it is – for now.

The Deep State is all of it – the Republicans, the Democrats, the various factions in French, British, or any other government, Wall Street, the media, and other “entities.” It’s all part of the same thing. I struggled for years, decades even, to understand how it was all coordinated and controlled, unable to comprehend how some small group of controllers could get together, and then wield such incredible and widespread power, and why no one ever leaked from THAT organization. It turns out that it doesn’t work that way, but beyond that I’ll say no more here. The bottom line fact is, however, that the evidence is blatantly clear – the “media” entirely serves the interests of the Deep State. Therefore one has to acknowledge that there must certainly be a connection. “They” are all hostile, because they’re all part of the same so-called system.

What we get on TV is merely what “they” want us to know about. How many Americans have any idea about what’s been happening in South Africa over the past several years, especially? How many Americans have any idea that Ukraine just took massive cyber-hits on everything from their grid system, to computers, to all kinds of other things, and that they were just the focal point of a much more widespread attack by “somebody?” Or that a large number of so-called “minorities” stood in line and, one by one, BLASTED the L.A. Board of Supervisors for diverting money to illegals, when that money could be used to help homeless and other disadvantaged American citizens? Where was THAT on the news? The idea is to divide us, make us feel alone and forgotten, denounce our cherished beliefs, and generally break us down. It’s classic treatment of POWs. But there is hope – others see it too, they just don’t fully recognize what “it” is.

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