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A whole lot of “blown out of proportion,” there. Exactly how much damage to the little girl’s psyche was done in this incident, and how much attributable to the fact that she is a “special needs child” is best left to her mother and caring professionals, presuming they can be found. The less her molestation continues to be regurgitated in the press, the better.

Regardless, The boys, who probably have already been raised to vastly different social and moral standards than the larger community into which they were injected, by a pretendsident bent on disrupting that community, are nonetheless minors, who cannot reasonably be punished as though they were adults. I’ll presume they weren’t awarded prizes by the court, and let it go at that.

The principal takeaway from this mess, for me, is that this nation has absolutely Zero need for Zero’s forced integration of Americans with hostile foreigners, regardless of how finely it grinds the Left’s poisonous grain. Yet the program continues unabated, thanks to an almost unanimously Zero-appointed US lower court system. Pray that the minions of the Left don’t direct their next Hodgkinson maneuver toward Justice Gorsuch.

Cry, "Treason!"

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