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Not in any way to diminish your speculation – it’s just as good as anybody else’s – but just a little alleged piece of factual news today (not that I believe much of any of it). Doctors REPORTEDLY claim that the type of brain damage suffered by young Otto is consistent with cardio-pulmonary issues, suggesting loss of oxygen to the brain for an extended period of time. He appears to be awake, yet has zero response to outside stimulus. Sadly, it’s known that some people in extreme vegetative states actually are aware of outside circumstances, including conversations around them, and understand what’s going on despite being a prisoner inside their own bodies, unable to respond in any possible way. A truly frightening weapon, or “simply” abuse that stopped his heart for too long, and then they revived him after his brain was incapable of functioning again with the outside world? Either way, we’re dealing with maniacal creatures that people like us simply cannot comprehend. Fundamental evil.