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Not that “The Internet” ever has misleading, erroneous, or even intentionally blatantly wrong information, my always-skeptical approach in the beginning of any personal quest for accuracy before making personal decisions, usually results in doing as thorough a search for additional sources as possible. There are multiple sources easily found, not to mention any personal on-the-scene sources one might develop….






and on and on, going further back….

Probably no one will bother to read any of the above accounts thoroughly, but if one did, one might note how the family’s attorney (Guerry) attempted to prosecute the prosecutor in the media for using influence and other inappropriate means to have multiple DUI charges suppressed. That was until he had to apologize and acknowledge that everything he said about the case was wrong – the prosecutor had not ever even been stopped for a possible DUI, let alone charged. Someone else in that office had, but it had nothing to do with the prosecutor (Loebs). Hence the full retraction and apology by Guerry.

Then there was the huge Alex Jones assist in the case – until he TOO had to admit he’d been wrong about claims he’d made, and retracted both them and previous statements, broadcasts, YouTube videos, etc., about the case.

And of course the claims about suppressing information about the case itself, and particularly the juvenile defendants, was all horrible – until it was pointed out that normally ALL juvenile case details are sealed – by Idaho State law.

Oh, and that ever-present pillar of journalistic excellence, headed up by the unassailable Joe Farah, chose to publish – repeatedly – the photos of the mother as well as the 5 year old girl, complete with their full names. That’s simply not done, even by most of the sleaziest of the MSM.

If you follow the earlier stories starting with the case last year, you find that the “details” of the attack just keep getting bigger and badder and more worthy of drawing and quartering even the 7 year old offender – despite police statements that the video evidence as well as the statements by the woman who caught the incident as it was taking place, disputed at least some of the very worst things that are in the Geller story.

Do I know for certain what happened? Not at all. Do I believe that something horrible happened to that little 5 year old girl? Absolutely. Do I believe that the story – as being portrayed on “The Internet” is a fair representation? Not in the least. And none of us will ever know the details. A 5 year old victim, 7, 10, and 14 year old offenders, and an 80+ year old woman were the only ones there, and a video that will never (appropriately) be shown in public is in the hands of police. All the rest of the commentators in these stories are doing informed speculation at best. We don’t need to be perpetuating a story we really don’t know enough about. Something awful happened, a judge probably rightfully upheld the law in sealing information about the case details (specifically, what went on in court), though it’s quite possible he went too far beyond that in some other aspects. What all the “rest of the story” really means, if we even know what it accurately was, is pure speculation.

Note: There’s no one on here that likely has any stronger feelings about child sexual abuse than me. I have been in court and testified in such cases too many times, and worked with the most horrific of details directly for the better part of three decades at a clinical level. Don’t NOBODY accuse me of being soft on this topic. I just don’t like inflammatory statements being added to an already tragic case and story. It seems we’ve got a President embroiled in just such a set of circumstances (minus – hopefully – the child sexual abuse, of course, except that “RUSSIA” is apparently even worse! [sarc/OFF] ).