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The political Left have always been plunderers — some only want to take some, others want to take all. But all Leftist politics is based on the idea that when one person outearns others, he/she has “stolen” more than his/her “share.” The presumption is that any endeavor in which more than one person is in any way involved (including living in a society, generally) that endeavor is inherently collective, and proceeds should always be evenly divided, regardless of any difference in labor, effort, or expertise — that the bum deserves as much as the hardest worker, or the genius.

At least half the US population has bought into a least some version of collectivism, though currently, only a minority is willing to take up arms in the pursuit of driving their opposition out of office, and out of public space. But the downstream media is radically Leftist, and is willing to publish/say/tweet/squawk/bark any fantasy that holds promise of igniting more violence against the non-Left. Sad to say, they’ve just confirmed that with enough lies and innuendo, they can “trigger” unstable Leftists to do what they lack the courage to do themselves.

The US Left has absorbed the lesson. They don’t need the Soviet UnionRussia to tell them how to be radically collectivist, any longer, and now resent Russia’s “backsliding” on the Stalinist Dream. Yes, there will be a separation in America, and it won’t be peaceful. Parabellum!

Cry, "Treason!"