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LT, my sincere apology. You’re right, of course. I’ve largely stayed away of late because I simply don’t even want to discuss this cr@p – not that it’s not important, or meaningful to me, but just because I would almost rather stay in a state of denial about what’s really going on. Of course it’s safer to have at least SOME control over California (or at least access to it as part of the Union), and also have Hawaii sitting where it sits, halfway between us and some of the worst actors on the planet. Yes, that’s all a given. It’s just easier to say “screw it,” throw my hands up, and cut off the trouble makers and pretend that will solve it all. No, it won’t.

With that said, whether anyone likes the source or not, I find the following article to be about as on point as we can get these days. And the implications are almost too awful to consider:


Add to that, the following:


Pay very close attention, and let it sink in folks, just what is in the first paragraph of the 2nd article above:

Dennis Montgomery, a former NSA, CIA and DIA contractor who came forward to Comey, under grant of immunity, with 47 hard drives and 600 plus million pages of information, as well as testified under oath, showing that SCOTUS justices, judges, prominent businessmen such as Donald Trump and others have been spied upon.

Between the two articles, I believe the evidence is firmly in place about what’s at stake here, as well as any further need to question the overwhelmingly controlling existence of the Deep State. The solution, unfortunately, is not apparent to the vast majority of people, and would be labeled irrational by almost everyone – even some here.