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Whether Hawaii will remain a State or not will probably be decided first, by some international tribunal, and if adjudged to have been an independent nation, unjustly conquered and occupied by hostile forces, ultimately decided by Hawaiians, themselves. My untrained opinion is that it would probably be to the military and economic advantage of the uSA to have it remain in the union.

Similarly, regardless of the political rancor, it would probably also be to the economic and political advantage of the rest of the union not to have another hostile, but economically powerful “nation” with an almost 1,000 mile long border on its western flank. One along the southern border is probably enough.

It’s easy to conceive of California as uniformly socialist. But from the perspective of one who grew up here, I can tell you that it’s more like 60:40, and only within the last 30-40 years, at that. If the hatred from other states seems older than that, much of it was prompted by envy for its wealth and climate, and resentment for its earlier relative lack of racial strife. Hippies, commies, and snowflakes are mostly urban, and relatively recent. California was proudly part of the nation when I was a young man. And a lot of the impetus for its socio-political decline moved out here, mostly from the industrial northeast.

Russia, will probably always be our competition. But both we and they would be better off if we didn’t need to be enemies. We both have plenty of enemies in common already, not the least of which is the debt money system.

As for all of our international military commitments, many of them seem to me to be destructive out our interests. What, for instance, is our national interest in having troops in Afghanistan? Yemen? Somalia? I stilll haven’t received an identifiable dividend from the last four or five wars. Is endless war the price of keeping a competent military? It doesn’t seem to be working out so well for a lot of homeless (and often suicidal) veterans. It seems to me we’ve let too many of the wrong people set the national priorities, for way too long, and I see little reason to expect improvement within my lifetime.

So, I prep.

Cry, "Treason!"