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Not only was that issue already known since the 60s testing, it’s even made it into the Congressional Record more than once, in that “famous” tradition known as “revised and extended remarks.” And it’s been ignored by the government, as well as the entire electrical power industry. I’ve got proof of that, and it was chilling to receive. Call it too expensive to do anything about (if it’s even possible, technologically) – and it very well may not be possible to protect against such a burst once it occurs, or even from a major solar CME. But the fact is, it’s been ignored since some of us were teenagers “back in the day.” And every nuclear power, as well as all the wanna-be nuclear powers, are fully aware of it. Can anyone pronounce “sitting ducks?”
View the old CBS series, “Jericho,” season 1 episode 6 for just a taste of what it would be like the moment an EMP hits.