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We could say that we would never attack them, but one only has to think back to the clandestine military machinations of once and former SecState Pantsuit and her boss, to realize that from Russia’s perspective, there’s precious little guarantee of US peaceful intentions, in the long run.

The Soviets know very well that Air Force Manual 1-1 once categorically stated the U.S. would never initiate a first strike – even back in the days of a strong Strategic Air Command, a massive, well armed, and much newer force of B-52s, backed by all sorts of Minute Man missiles scattered all over the midwest.

And then a revised AFM 1-1 was published – sans reference to prohibited first strikes. That policy change, by the way, was LONG after the Cuban missile crisis. Yes, the Soviets knew all about that long-standing policy, and the subsequent policy change. And the Soviets are still alive. Vladimir is but one of them. Why SHOULD they trust us? Hillary helped them secure a significant amount of our uranium output, then her supporters proceeded to vilify the RUSSIANS!. Again – why SHOULD they trust us?

[If] CA and Hawaii want to violate the contract with these United States, OK, the contract is null and void. They are on their own. Pull everything out. No assistance, no nothing.

At the risk of being called an isolationist (HARDLY! – but that’s how such things are framed these days, thanks to the exquisite honing of Uncle Saul’s “Rules”), I say worry more about things domestic, and take Whirli’s advice – that feels very, very nice to me. Heck – there are those in Hawaii pushing for independence. We stole the place from them in the first place, perhaps it’s time to give it back. Just bring back the Arizona and properly bury those still entombed within her. Then bring our global forces back home as well, strengthen us back to the old Strategic Air Command days (modernized, of course), fully develop and deploy an anti-missile defense, and monitor the Soviets – oops – Russians. If they stay in their own back yard, let ‘em be. And as Tec said,

The best conditions for peace within and between any nations or “Treaty Organizations” is mutually beneficial trade. As long as nations are ruled by Vampire Squid controllers of debt money, the desperation that makes war, or violent “revolution” seem necessary, is inevitable