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Okay… A mental exercise, got it now.

5 – 1 oz. Silver Eagles. You don’t know what they will be worth in the future but odds are they would hold some value. Even as a momento of a certain year their authentic quality would be valuable. Something that would be hard to counterfeit.

Good Answer! :D

Prolly what I’d do but then again, I like batteries I scored $1.100 worth of batts for $64.20 at a Radio Shack closeout sale :D It was a grab bag, $60 huge bag that you can stuff anything into that they have. It was 90% off as well, but I just took the greater discount. Nearly 95% off that way! ALL Lithium Ions except I got 6 “D” Cell size Lithium Thyonyl whatsit’s still need to determine if those can use the same charger… o.O

How’s everybody been doing? :D

I think SHTF is this summer, looking like a financial Sh*t-Storm but the lefty bastards are trying to get the snowflakes into full meltdown mode. Too bad for them they have trained them as video gamerZ and momma’s boys and girls LMAO!!!

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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