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Brulen, I know what you are describing, but I’m not advocating packing around a device big enough or complicated enough to power an internal combustion engine. The gases and smoke driven off from cooking wood to charcoal must be “scrubbed” in a water bath to remove particulate matter. Then the scrubbed gas can be burned in an engine — cumbersome for vehicles; easier in stationary power plants.

I guess it depends on the conditions and duration for which you need a portable stove. The gases and smoke produced by the initial burning in the kind of stoves I described, do get burned again at the top of the stove, which is why such (a) are fairly efficient with small amounts of fuel and (b) reduce the visible smoke. Depending on the number of people for which they need to cook, they can be fairly small and light.

Here is an example of a “knockoff” version.
Scroll down to the Product Description to see how it is intended to be used. To minimize visibility, a small alcohol stove (e.g., Trangia) could be used with it, in the same way they describe using fuel tabs, but you’d need to pack a can of denatured alcohol.

Cry, "Treason!"

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