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Wow, Rob, you had me hooked right when I saw the words “pulmonary embolism”! I just had to read this to find out what happened and how you dealt with it. I, too, ended up in the hospital with PE’s following foot surgery. A few days after the surgery (I was in a cast to my knee), I began to have back pain. Finally, I could hardly move from the extreme pain. I knew for certain that I had ruptured a disk in my mid-back.

After an overnight of not being able to get out of bed, even with help, I was taken to the emergency room. That sent me to the CAT scan machine and the diagnosis of PE’s in three of the four lobes of my lungs, with one large clot in one quadrant. After days in the hospital, I finally was able to return home on a breathing machine, shots in the stomach and medications. So I can completely “feel your pain”! Those clots hurt like the devil is after you with a red hot poker!

I really wished that I could just not take another breath, rather than the pain of that breath. Yes, it is a bad, rotten event. Then, to pile all the additional problems you had, on top of that – I can’t even imagine. I lived on morphine for quite a few days before it all got under control. I have foot problems ongoing from my surgeries (on both feet) and lots of residual numbness and pain, but this is just my “new normal” and why bugging out by hiking the wilderness isn’t going to happen in my lifetime. We do what we have to do, then leave the rest to God to protect us. I am so happy you are around to see your beautiful new son! Congratulations on that part of your story!