Hey Selco and everyone else…

In case you all want to try this at some distant point in the future, I know I didn’t invent it, but I’m pretty sure I was the only one using…

The Bag of Cheetos.

Go to any grocery store. In the snack aisle, you’ll find small snack-sized bags of Cheetos. Any snack will work, but I chose Cheetos. Everyone likes Cheetos.

You use the snack-bag of Cheetos to initiate your booby trap. You have to think – your opponents will be just as cold, tired and hungry as you are. Leaving a nice, shiny, irresistible bag of Cheetos laying there? I have yet to see the bag of Cheetos fail. One guy will reach down, ignoring that little voice in his head because, hey… they’re CHEETOS! He picks up the bag of Cheetos and BLAM! That’s pretty much the end for him…

The point is to use something that your opponents haven’t had for some time… something delicious and ‘normal’… and to be the first guy to see it! Oh man, my buddies will be sooooo jealous when they see I got a shiny bag of Cheeto- BAM!!!!

You can use snacks, booze, bottles of water, anything you think your opponents will have a craving for… use that as your initiator. Just leave it laying there like someone accidentally dropped it… or you could partially conceal it, making it look like it’s been there for awhile and SOMEHOW everyone else “magically” missed seeing it… you’re playing on ‘normalcy bias’ again… after all, who would go out of their way to booby trap a bag of Cheeto- BAM!!!
:) Or even Doritos…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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