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Thanks for the link/info Malgus!

I don’t know if you have stink bugs (brown marmorated) (sp?) that are invading/spreading everywhere…they have been a real problem around here for the vineyards and orchards. Hit here about 3 years ago. I went to dwarf trees because it is easier for me to protect them from the darn things.(Another DIY thing had to figure out) There are two old but producing apple trees here that I may as well cut down. You think everything is going fine then as apples grow the spot where they stuck their sharp mouthpiece in just starts turning the entire thing to mush. Trees are too big for me to me to work myself safely. (Note to self repair orchard ladder!)

Anyway, in my enclosed garden I did get the wire/trellis structure up last year as I want to espalier fruit trees all the way around it eventually. My grandfather used to do this and taught me. I’ll check out that site tonight as I want to order some more.

If you ever have some more overgrazed stuff or problems with compaction you might want to try Tillage Radish from cover crop solutions. When I bought this place several small pastures/turnouts were just so overgrazed/compacted (used to be horse farm) – and, well I can’t be everywhere do everything. But I needed to start doing something about them so they would be ready when I got to growing on them. Lots of no till farmers using them. They put down hugely deep roots, help break up soil, then they die/rot and leave nice, loose ‘holes’ so water and air can get in; and fixes nitrogen in the soil. Sounded good to me. I am all for a little less work. What the heck – tried it. I took a small tow behind spreader I got at yard sale, hooked to ATV, dumped in a bag of lime (we have clay here) and 50# bag of the tillage radish. Mowed it to keep grass in check until the radish were obviously taking hold very well – then left it. Grew like crazy and green as I’ll get out. Kept growing until late fall some in to December. Stayed green as heck. It takes a couple of killing frosts (not just one or two) and a clothespin for your nose. (they stink like heck when you have a small pasture full all rotting). Used same get up and seeded timothy and orchard grass that spring…thick, good grass. Did it for one more year, but planted (well..broadcast) in August. Looks great. Now to decide what to grow there!