Thank you Anika.

Tweva: One concern would be when the San Andreas goes, supposedly areas of it will unzip. I picture that to mean homes and land sucked inside? I’m sure your experience was frightening. I still get a little weirded out when we get one. I can only imagine how those on the New Madrid fault line feel when they have one roll through!?!?! I think a lot of this is HAARP. A lot of people do things to keep their stuff fastened to the walls. I don’t and haven’t needed to yet, where I live. I probably could use some downsizing of collectibles anyways. lol

Hannah: I bet its scary to feel it in LA, right on top of it. I know we shook and look how far we are from it. I had a few boxes fall in the garage and a couple pieces in my kiln fall over (not firing at the time thank goodness), but nothing substantial. Yes, we are having a lot of activity lately…..more than usual.