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An Aegis ship could probably blow them all out of the water within fifteen minutes.

Personally, I’d love watching the air war portion. I trained probably well over 1000 Iranian student pilots in the 70s, and while I truly did like most of those kids, I’ll guarantee that of the roughly 35 nations we trained back then, the Iranians were about the worst of any overall. The lowest graduate in a USAF pilot training class could probably take out 90% of the Iranians we trained – it would actually be almost too sad to watch. But I’d still be afraid of some of the damage they could do in their own region before we turned the country into a sea of glass if we had to. And honestly, that would be sad – because there are still a lot of good people in that country, many of whom have great respect for the US (even despite Hussein O’Barry). Plus, the old culture, history, etc., are all fascinating. So sad.

And to think we set all that up, thanks to the Dulles Gang and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf’s daddy, spreading million$ around to destabilize and overthrow a democratically elected prime minister (Mosaddegh) who had the audacity to want to allow Iran to control itself and its own oil. We did them one better – we installed our own favored brutal dictator, the “beloved” Shahanshah (“King of Kings”) who made SURE Iran was ruled from within — thanks to our weaponry and other support of course. As usual, it was all about oil, money, and power. Score another one for the Brits and the Americans! (Queue up Peter Paul and Mary: “When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?”)