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I’m with Whirlibird and L Tecolote on this one. I believe that the only sure thing is that “we’ve” got only the next 18 months to secure some solid gains and positions. If the media/RINO/Democrat and others group pulls off enough undermining of the President, and he isn’t handed enough actual bills to sign from Congress, the laws therefore don’t change. And Executive Order can only (rightfully) go so far. My wife and I are seriously re-looking at everything, and considering that whatever we haven’t accomplished in about the next year or so, we may regret in some very big ways. If we’re as well prepared as we reasonably can be, and the Trumpmobile is still moving nicely forward, all the better. We buy insurance in hopes that we’ll never need it, and are VERY glad we’ve got it if we do. Same principle here. I just don’t trust anything past the next election (Congress pretty well shuts down between then and the following January, thus only about 18 months of actual “work” time for things to get done, regardless of how strong Trump pushes.