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This one is like a huge backlash on a spinning reel – it’ll take a lot of work and considerable time to unravel it, if not simply give up and cut it loose – we may never know all the details, or even the “real” basics. Still, something’s very odd with this story. Nobody else died, authorities waited nearly two weeks to do a sweep of the airport for chemicals that they had already publicly identified within about a day as a deadly nerve agent, and the Chinese somehow seem to have made a connection to the “event” that caused them to move “a thousand” (later “thousands”) of troops to the border within a day.

With what’s reportedly competent tanks and an army of well over a million, along with one of the highest stockpiles of chemical weapons in the world (possibly the largest of VX and presumably other really nasty stuff), North Korea would be a formidable opponent no matter who attacked them or vice versa. China may have waited too long to take them down. Intriguing at very best, and quite ominous, potentially, at very worst. I certainly hope none of my friends are stationed in Korea any time soon.

Pure speculation: anyone remember the incident a number of years ago when an entire city was almost literally wiped off the map when (supposedly) a train exploded in North Korea? It was not terribly far from their nuclear testing/development facility, reportedly. It was blamed, if I remember correctly, on an explosion on the train itself – some of its cargo. The devastation was amazing! I can’t recall a lot of details (though a lot was not forthcoming anyway, of course), but I remember wondering at the time if we and/or the Chinese had “intervened” in something having to do with shipment of something that “crossed the line” with respect to arms shipments to the Middle East. Regardless, I’ve always wondered what that was really all about. The U.S. remained unusually quiet, North Korea acknowledged it but surprisingly did not react in their paranoid fashion by blaming anyone else, and China seemed to be remaining silent on it. But then there’s always been what is suddenly known as “fake news,” too….

The shadow knows….