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I would add that there is a vast difference between going from your heated house to a heated vehicle to a heated office or store and being outside all day in the cold. I would also add that there’s cold and then there’s COLD. In COLD you will discover how quickly your fingers lose dexterity if you have to take your gloves off for a moment to do something. Most of the winter clothes you see in the stores are made to look like they are made for the COLD more than they are made to actually be outside for a long time.

Something I learned along the way that many don’t know is that lobster claw gloves are the best way to keep your fingers warm. These are gloves where 2 fingers go in together, plus the thumb has its own space. The fingers help warm each other and you still maintain some grabbing ability much better than you have with mittens.

Movement in deep snow on snowshoes is exhausting, especially if you are the one breaking the trail or going uphill. Without snowshoes it is very difficult to move at all. Movement in deep snow burns a huge amount of calories.

Wet feet can prove to be a death sentence given how difficult it will be to walk once they go numb, and they will go numb very quickly.

Meanwhile I’ve been in shorts for the past 4 days given its been getting up over 50 every day. We had 2 severe winters in a row followed by 2 mild winters in a row and now we have what is a very odd winter. Since Nov. we’ve been cycling back and forth between cold and warm, snowy and dry. The sugaring season is going gangbusters though. If it keeps up they’ll have a record year.