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What a ridiculous joke. I was in Tucson on the 17th, in an area close to where the “protest” was supposed to start. Nothing. No impact. You couldn’t tell anything was going on. It certainly didn’t disrupt any goings on I saw. There was some wind that day; perhaps that was them. We got a Sonoran Dog for lunch, went to see John Wick 2 at the Park Place Mall, I blew some coin on my daughter (as I always do when we are together), and went to dinner with her and her boyfriend and ate some most excellent street tacos.

For me, Tucson is a big city. Lots of noise, traffic, and that day the wind blew. This weekend I hope to go watch the “Deer Dance” at the local res with some friends and eat some fine native chow. I also need to get some projects done.

You hear about these “events” going on in Tucson every so often. So far none of them have amounted to more than blowing wind. I doubt they ever will. I have more important things to worry about.