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Meanwhile, back to the American Civil War:

A week ago, Freedom posted an article about the 30,000 activists already fanned out across the country, along with 250 well-funded offices of the OfA, or Organizing for Action (formerly Obama’s unofficial campaign “committee,” Organizing for America), that could do unlimited fundraising because of its structure. There was never any plan to dismantle it, despite a few stories that were either disinformation, or else wishful thinking based on naive thinking on the part(s) of the media that put them out. The OfA had lots of money after the 2012 campaign, and continued to build (financially and in physical scope), despite the fact that Obama couldn’t be elected to a 3rd term. So why did they do it – hidden in plain sight? Let’s go over this again:

These aren’t typical Black Lives Matter or Occupy Wall Street marchers, but rather professionally trained organizers who go through a six-week training program similar to the training — steeped in Alinsky agitation tactics — Obama received in Chicago when he was a community organizer.


Not only do they have over 30,000 “troops,” they’ve got another 25,000 in training. And again – these aren’t just cannon fodder folks – these are pros, or people professionally trained by the pros.

For a few of us, the patterns are so easily recognizable it would be hilarious – if it wasn’t so serious. This is the 60s and 70s all over again, except it’s far more advanced, with communication and other technologies that simply did not exist almost 50 years ago. Though it isn’t really “communism” (whether upper or lower case “C”), those who understood the so-called communist threat back in the 60s should be recognizing it all over again – just branded as something else (again, labels are smokescreens). It’s a multi-generational struggle, and they use a variety of tactics AND organizations to do their work.

Forget the word “communism” in this context, or that will just garbage up or confuse us as to what’s really going on now. Just understand that what we called communism in the 60s is still in play by any number of other names. But it ain’t communism. It is what’s outlined in the little 3/4 page final chapter of the Manifesto by Karl and Friedrich. I personally choose to call it Marxism due to its origin, but I’m careful with that because most people automatically hear that as just another synonym for “communism,” and the arguments start. Forget the first three regular-sized chapters of the Manifesto (except maybe a little bit at the end of chapter 3). Focus very, very closely on every sentence, even every word at times, in that tight, compact little 3/4 page document called the 4th chapter (or section). That 168 year old document IS the blueprint for today, and on into the future. We’ve seen a few modern updates to it (not changes – just refocusing along the way to accommodate the times), in the form of Cloward and Piven in the late 60s, Uncle Saul in 1971, and finally the “first black President.” If you have any question at all about the deep thinking behind, and power of “community organizing” (lump Alinsky AND Hillary into that term), read Hillary’s political science thesis from 1969.

The plan outlined in 1848 in that 3/4 page document slipped in almost out of sight, is very much alive, very well, and has been proceeding on track now for over 168 years. Those (including some here) who pooh-poohed “just” 30,000 troops, unfortunately missed what those 30,000 troops are all about. They won’t be aiming rifles at us. They are professional disrupters, professional destroyers. They organize the useful idiots that will work for them, get their teeth knocked out at rallies, get arrested and thrown into jail, and possibly even killed. And with those ranks swelling to almost double in the near future, they will be even more powerful. But just for starters, look what happened at the Jason Chaffetz back-home meeting with constituents recently. That scene “coincidentally” was repeated in multiple other locations around the country – by design – and will continue through 26 February, when Congress comes back from yet another “vacation.” The OfA is TRAINING people in these methods and tactics (read the above article on some of that specific training).

Then go back and spend some decent time reading the long – and crucial-to-understand – piece that Malgus provided us 2½ weeks ago. Yes, it’s very long. And yes, as

It is worth your time. Trust me.


Some of us are old enough to remember that era well. Those who aren’t, or who slept through it for whatever reason, are doomed to be taken down by those repeating it – this time on steroids. It’s not about “communism,” “socialism,” “liberalism,” Democrats, Republicans, or any of those smokescreen labels. It’s about two things, and two things only: (1) totalitarianism by a group we can’t even fully identify, and doing that through (2) the forcible destruction of the social and political order – not the wounding or damaging, but destruction. Just contemplate for a moment what it will mean if social order is destroyed, and political order is also destroyed. Selco’s “School” is targeted at exactly that: SHTF.